This is not a film (Jafar Panahi,Iran)


Under house arrest and banned from making films during 20 years, the iranian film-maker Jafar Panahi talks and shares his thoughts about what really film making is. Beyond a film, it’s rather an essay and of course, political activism.

Pride (2014)

Lesbians and gays support the miners! Lesbians and gays support the miners!

Back in the 1980’s, U.K. gay activists join the miners struggles, to fight against
the same enemy: Thatcher and Thatcherism. About and beyond (class) solidarity. The strength of the union of the most vulnerable. A film about … Pride.



(Stella: first name, femenine.

Trella: greek noun, madness, lunacy, extravagance)


This outstanding script reminds us of Almodovar, but I’m afraid that Panos Koutras goes far beyond.


You can watch the full movie online on youtube.



12 years of …. BOYHOOD

“This beautiful, mysterious movie is a time-lapse study of Mason, growing up from around the age of five to 18, from primary school to his first day in college. It is an intimate epic: over 12 years, Linklater worked with the young actor Ellar Coltrane, shooting scenes every year with him and other cast members, who grow visibly and heart-stoppingly older around him. The director’s daughter, Lorelei Linklater, plays Mason’s older sister, Samantha; Patricia Arquette is superb as their divorced single mom, hard-working and aspirational, but worryingly condemned to hook up with drunks and give the kids abusive stepdads. Ethan Hawke – his lean, chiselled face softening as the years go by – plays the kids’ feckless and unreliable but charming father, who shows up every few weeks in his cool car. And Mason’s own face changes from its young, moony openness to a closed, grown-up handsomeness. It is the face he will learn to present to the world.” (The Guardian).

The Spirit of ’45 (Ken Loach, 2013)

A few extracts of Loach’s masterpiece documentary, The Spirit of ’45.
It’s absolutely necessary to understand what the construction of the Welfare State meant, to really understand what its dismantling means.

“Well, I think we were hijacked. The working class organisations were hijacked by the middle class, basically…Especially the Labour Party. The Labour party was a working-class organisation at one time. In no way, shape or form, can you call the Labour-party a working-class organisation any more. The working-class haven’t got any big organisations that can take the establishment on.”

“They don’t realise that strength they’ve got., do they? They don’t realise the power they’ve got. The working-class can change the whole history. As quick as….as quick as that. They just don’t realise. They haven’t grasped it.”

I’m absolutely convinced that the older generation, rather than being a burden on society, has got an absolute duty to come forward and join with young people and talk to them and explain. I say the pensioners, turn off the television, take their plugs put of their ears, and start talking about what was the vision in 1945. What did we want? How did we see it progressing? What did it mean, “from the cradle to the grave?”What did it mean to have common ownership, and for sharing and communities? What does it mean?Start to rebuild that understanding of what sort of life we want.”



Âpres un bref-mais-intéressant séjour à Montréal, voilà un très bon film du Québec (2013) à ne pas rater.

Formidable Gabrielle (personnage et actrice), elle !


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